collection-headerLeather Goods- Handcrafted from genuine leather. All goods are hand carved, hand stamped, hand stitched & hand dyed/hand painted. Custom Orders are always welcome. Leather goods form wallets, handbags, saddlebags to belts and more

Jewelry- Handmade - Several artists in our store create jewelry and we have a large selection of different materials used to create these pieces. Recycled charms from grandma’s jewelry box, to metal work, to bead work and wire wrapping. Necklaces; bracelets; cuffs; earrings; rings

Art of Artifacts- All tools are made from scratch with the artisans own hands the way our fore fathers & Native Americans did. These tools are useable his stone work is called flint knapping and the handles are made of antlers, the handles are made of deer antlers that he finds once the deer has shed them

Home Décor- Hand crafted bud vases, tea light holders, picture frames made from upcycled wood, glass and more

Pottery- High fire pottery stoneware and dinnerware all hand sculpted and glazed by Tesesa Pellegrini. All her pieces are originally designed here in the USA and are dishwasher and microwave safe

Paintings- These paintings created by Kayla Corona are hand done and showcase beautiful colors with one tree as her focal point. All paintings are original creations.

Crocheted Women’s Accessories- Angelina Davis and her Mother hand make crocheted accessories for women, all are original design and are created in the USA.

Crocheted Men’s Accessories- Angelina Davis and her mother have also started a new men's line of crocheted accessories, all are original designs and created in the USA.

Men’s Grooming Products- All natural and essential oils derived from coconut oil and other natural ingredients.

Glass Work- Teresa Pellegrini, artist, hand makes every little piece that goes into her glasswork, including the frames of her stained glass art. All stained glass and glass plate pieces are hand fired, and hand designed here in the USA.

Pet’s essentials- 100% all Leather Collars for Dogs & cats custom made for perfect fit & kitty blankets are interactive play mats crocheted for comfort.

Scroll Saw Art- Beautiful hand carved wood pieces. Her art is completely handmade there is no laser cutting used in her pieces. All original designs made in the USA.

Coyote Kitchen Jam- Local Product is freshly kettled with the availability of local fruit. Seasonal Small batch, handmade jams, jellies, and marmalades.

Harney & Sons Master Tea Blenders- Est 1983 Local Fine Teas of the highest quality hand-picked, full-leaf teas from the finest tea gardens and estates.